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Fast Check-in" Terms and Conditions

1. Overview

1. 1. Definition
In order to speed-up the check-in procedures so you can fully enjoy your stay, we ask you to use our paperless service, by providing required information beforehand. This involves creating a distance contract, which requires a bank card to sign up.
After having organised your whole stay, you will be able to sign up for "Fast Check-in" online to save time when you arrive at the campsite.
On arrival, you will be able to go directly to reception via the priority "Fast Check-in" queue with your confirmation email for the collection of keys.
This new service is available at the website

1. 2. "Fast Check-in" validity
The "Fast Check-in" will be valid when:

  • You have agreed to the "Fast Check-in" terms and conditions.
  • You have signed up for "Fast Check-in" by completing the form (at least 48 hours in advance)

2. "Fast Check-in" Membership

This service is only available for customers with a bank card. Sign up online at or by calling our booking centre.

2.1 Creating the contract and online payment
By proceeding to "Fast Check-in", you are creating a contract between Homair Vacances and yourself. Your agreement is permanent and non-retractable as it triggers the authorisation to debit your account and carry out online payment of additional services selected before your arrival to the campsite. Your account may also be debited with your deposit and additional services used during your stay.

2.2 This contract cannot be cancelled, modified or refunded
Once you are signed up, the "Fast Check-in" option cannot be modified, cancelled or refunded.

3. Using "Fast Check-in"

Once your reservation has been confirmed, you can sign up for "Fast Check-in" a minimum of 48 hours before your arrival, by accessing the client area on our website under "Bookings",
Some websites will also allow you to access "Fast Check-in" or "Fast Check-out" under "Action". By clicking on this link, you are confirming that you want to sign up to "Fast Check-in" and you give permission for online payments to be made
The digits on your bank card that you have provided during the "Fast Check-in" process allow us to take an imprint of your bank card. This acts as a deposit to cover possible damages or theft in your accommodation, as well as payment for additional pre-selected or unpaid-for services used during your stay. Your bank details are protected with encryption, under the SSL security protocol.

4. Collection of keys

Once your bank card has been verified, you will receive a confirmation email and a document which you must present on the day of your arrival (between 15:00 and 19:00)
The keys to your accommodation will be provided on the condition that the list of occupants corresponds exactly to the list of occupants declared online.
You will be charged and billed for any unpaid-for services on the spot.

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