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Destination : Ardennes

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Camping in the Ardennes, a multicultural melting pot

Recharge your batteries in Spa, experience the serenity ofOrval, go on an adventure on theRoute des Légendes: camping in the Ardennes makes for an eclectic holiday and a thousand new experiences. And the bungalows and mobile homes on our starlit campsitesare an ideal base camp, letting you enjoy the many sparkling gems of the region in total comfort. Campers wishing to cross over into the Belgian Ardennes can relax in the famous thermal baths at Spa. This establishment, with its fine architecture, is the gateway to unspoilt countryside. This echoes the serenity of the majestic Orval Abbey, about an hour’s drive away from our campsite at Les Mazures. Built almost a thousand years ago, the abbey invites our campers into its peaceful tranquillity.

Campers who enjoy bike roads are in for an adventure on the Route des Légendes. This road hides many secrets and legends, which some swear to be true... Meanwhile, campers keen to explore on foot should not miss the Han Caves, one of the most famous series of caves in France. Immense, striking, stunning... Words cannot describe this three-kilometre-long underground network that our campers can explore with family and friends.

Campers with a passion for history should head to the Château-Fort de Sedan, a precious remnant of the past that houses a room dedicated to the Franco-Prussian War of 1870.

The Ardennes will also delight our campers with itstraditional culinary specialities. Before a well-deserved rest in one of our mobile homes in the Ardennes, our guests can taste Bayenne, a local speciality made with potatoes, locally fished trout from the River Semoy, and sugar cakes.

As for the climate, the Ardennes enjoys fairly warm summers.

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