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2 Persons
Budget190 - 327

Destination : Port Grimaud

2 campsites found
from €385*
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6 persons7 night(s) from €411*instead of €483*
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Seaside (900 m)
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A lakeside town in the Gulf of Saint Tropez awaits you for a holiday full of charm and beauty. Port Grimaud is reserved for landowners, but you can wander round there freely and camp not far away. We can offer accommodation in three outstanding campsites at Port Grimaud, to give you a warm welcome.

Our campsites at Port Grimaud

Domaine de la Naiade welcomes you with open arms. Find your dream mobile home in this magical setting, boasting the most beautiful water park in the Gulf of Saint Tropez! You’ll have everything you need for a wonderful holiday. A stone’s throw away, the Prairies de la Mer campsite can offer you a high quality cottage-style mobile home for 4-6 people. The Marina Paradise and its 2-star club welcomes you into warm and luxurious surroundings, opposite the bay of Saint Tropez.

Port Grimaud, a bit of history

It is known as the Venice of Provence because of its lakeside location. In the heart of the Gulf of Saint Tropez, Port Grimaud is blessed with architecture a little out of the ordinary. Majestic buildings rise up out of the beaches and marinas, where you can stroll around and live the good life. Before Port Grimaud was founded, the area was predominantly wetland. It was François Spoerry who had the ingenious idea of developing the area to create a town within the town.


Walk along the trails and paths of the town and stumble upon its jewels. The Ecumenical Church of Saint Francis of Assisi is an unmissable site. Here you’ll find magnificent stained glass windows by Vasarely. Every year, during the Festival of the Sea and Fishermen, a huge procession of boats passes through Port Grimaud. They produce a beautiful play of light on the water.

What is there to do in the local area?

Go on a hike and climb high above Port Grimaud to the Château de Grimaud. This ruined building offers a magical view over the Bay of Saint Tropez. The Promenade du Pont des Fées is both beautiful and fun for all the family. Enjoy strolling along by the stream running next to you and admire the pretty Pont des Fées, or Bridge of the Fairies.

The climate at Port Grimaud

Between the waves and the hills, Port Grimaud is both warm and well ventilated by the sea breezes. It’s the perfect opportunity for a breath of sea air and a restoring and invigorating  holiday in Provence. Your accommodation on our campsite at Port Grimaud promises you a magical and unforgettable stay.

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