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+7 days
2 People
Budget266€ - 560€

Destination : Sardinia

4 campsites found
from 20/04/24 to 27/04/24
Seaside (20 m)
from €658*
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from 04/05/24 to 11/05/24
Direct access to the beach
from €329*
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Direct access to the beach
from €700*
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Direct access to the beach
from €553*
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Sardinia: camping with a taste of paradise!

The second largest island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia is an independent region which our guests have described as heaven on earth, with its crystal-clear sea, its white sand and its gleaming sun. The mobile homes on our campsites, located to the North and the South of this oasis, allow campers to uncover the historic treasures hidden on the island. The stunning natural rock formations of Neptune’s Grotto, located in the commune of Alghero, will delight campers up for a challenge - there is a panoramic walkway with 654 steps. The Maddalena Archipelago National Park, composed of around sixty isles and islets to the North-East of the area, will attract campers who love marine mammals, as well as those looking to get a tan. What’s more, our guests can go hiking in search of the many Giants’ Tombs, scattered around all of Sardinia.

Before returning to the campsite, you can try Sardinian cuisine, famous for its artichokes, which can be eaten raw or cooked. Adventurous campers can try artichoke cake, a traditional recipe in the region of Nuoro. Meanwhile, campers with a sweet tooth can try seadas, fried flaky pastries stuffed with sheep’s milk cheese and covered in honey, candelaus, almond and orange blossom biscuits, or candied orange, known to the Sardinians as Arranciata.

The climate is especially warm with very little rain and allows guests on our3 to 5-star Italian campsites to enjoy all the attractions of the island, and its numerous aquatic activities.

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