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Destination : Aglientu

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To the North of Sardinia, this little village dominates the Mediterranean Sea. Peaceful in winter, it comes to life every year, as tourists arrive at the first signs of summer. When you reserve a place on our campsite at Aglientu, you’ll be able to discover the pleasure of life in the great outdoors, and enjoy the warm and sunny Sardinian climate.

The Mediterranean Sea is crystal-clear here, inviting bathers from early in the morning till after dark. Among the many beaches near your Aglientu campsite, the Spiaggia Lu Litarroni is certainly one of the most popular. You’ll also love the Spiaggia Rena Majora, which is more rugged, or you can enjoy the feeling of the sand between your feet on Naracu Nieddu Beach. You’ll be spoilt for choice : why not explore a different beach every day ?

Other activities also await you, and there are many tourist attractions around Aglientu. Leave the campsite for a few hours to visit the Tomb of the Giants, a prehistoric complex of megaliths that is both imposing and poetic. Go in search of Sardinian local produce and savour the region’s cheeses and cured meats.

Whether you prefer the sea or the countryside, whether you prefer to have a holiday on the beach or enjoy a range of activities, book your bungalow on our Aglientu campsite and have a wonderful stay with your loved ones !

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