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Destination : Lazio

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Zoover Recommended 2020
from 01/04/23 to 08/04/23
Country / Mountains
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Camping at the gates of the wonders of Rome!

The capital of Italy, Rome remains a prime camping holiday destination for families, friends and lovers. That’s why the bungalows and mobile homes on our luxury Italian campsites are located just a stone’s throw away from the city. A city that is home to many of the ancestral sites of Western civilisation. The Colosseum, a huge amphitheatre which staged gladiator fights in Ancient Roman times, the Circus Maximus, the Roman Forum, located between the Capitoline and Palatine hills, the Arch of Constantine and the catacombs are just some of the legendary sites that all our campers, history buffs or otherwise, should see in Rome. Those on a romantic getaway should throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain or take a stroll on the Piazza Navona. Meanwhile, art lovers should visit the Galleria Borghese, the Museums of the Vatican or the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Before returning for a well-earned rest on the campsite, campers who are tired after wandering through Rome’s picturesque streets should sit down in one of the city’s trattorias. On the menu, there’s pasta carbonara - without cream, according to the original recipe - carciofi alla guidia (Jewish fried artichokes) or coda alla vaccinara, a traditional oxtail soup very popular in this region of the Italian peninsula. Along with tiramisu and the famous Italian gelato, campers with a sweet tooth should taste cornettos: not the ice cream, but the Italian equivalent of the French croissant, often filled with chocolate.

The Mediterranean climate offers our campers a mild spring and a hot summer, ideal for discovering the cultural riches of Rome in total comfort.

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