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1. Programme details

The aim of the Privilege Programme is to offer members the benefits described below when booking Homair mobile homes.
Benefits are strictly reserved for the use of the account holder.
Members accept that the Privilege Programme may be modified in whole or in part or cancelled at any time. Updated terms and conditions are available on the website or upon request to our call center 0844 369 00 03 (cost for a call to 0844 + 0,05£/min).

2. Applying for membership in the Privilege Programme

To enrol in the Privilege Programme, the customer must fill in the registration form available on the homepage of the website at or upon request:
by phone : 0844 369 00 03 (cost for a call to 0844 + 0,05£/min)
by fax:
by post: HOMAIR Vacances, Immeuble le Derby, 570 Avenue du Club Hippique - 13097 Aix en Provence Cedex 02

Any changes in the account holder’s contact details (surname, first name, address, telephone number, etc.) must be notified in writing as soon as possible to the Privilege Programme Customer Service Department. The account holder guarantees the accuracy of all information provided and will be held solely responsible for any information that is erroneous, incomplete or out-of-date.

3. Validity of the Privilege Programme account

The Privilege Programme has unlimited validity.
A customer account may only accrue benefits from one Privilege Programme account. In the case of several customer accounts for a single and same person, only one Privilege account will be created and/or maintained. Homair reserves the right to make unscheduled adjustments to the implementation of these rules
Any fraudulent use of the Privilege Programme account or non-compliant with these rules will be sanctioned by the immediate cancellation of the account and the benefits accrued by the account holder and without the account holder being entitled to claim for compensation under any circumstances whatsoever.

4. Loyalty programme

As in october, the account holder will receive a loyalty reward that will be credited on the basis of the number of holidays taken with Homair in previous years (holidays taken into account for the calculation of this reward are holidays taken since 01/01/2010 inclusive). Rewards obtained will be notified once a year when sales for the next season begin (normally in October/November).
The point scale is as follows :
€30 for the account holder who has taken a holiday at Homair Vacances since 01/01/2010 inclusive, and paid a direct amount of min. €15.
€50 for the account holder who has taken from two to three holidays
€70 for the account holder who has taken from four to five holidays
€100 for the account holder who has taken six or more holidays
The reward is valid for any holiday taken during the next season. For example, a customer who received a €50 reward in October 2019 may only use it for a holiday taken during the 2020 season. Are excluded booking with partner codes and bookings of pitches

5. Using Gift vouchers

Loyalty rewards can be used:
- for renting all types of accommodation offered by HOMAIR excluding pitches
- at all HOMAIR Vacances campsites when making a booking (subject to availability)
- during the entire period the campsites are open
To qualify, the account holder must enter the code that can be found on the voucher received in the appropriate box on the website when making a booking. In the case of bookings by telephone, the account holder must provide the code to the telephone consultant who will note it down in the membership records.

6. Loyalty reward restrictions

Holidays benefiting from CNAS, MACIF, works council advantages, etc. obtained through the use of a “partner code” are not eligible for a loyalty reward during a future holiday.
The reward is strictly personal and cannot be given to third parties. It cannot be used retroactively or be prolonged beyond its period of validity.
The reward may not be reimbursed partially or in full at face value by a payment of any kind in cash or provide any other benefit except for a reduction in the price of hiring accommodation (e.g. : bike rental, payment for swimming pool wristbands, restaurant meals, etc.) It may only be used once.
In case of cancellation of a holiday benefiting from a loyalty reward, no transfer of this reward will be granted. In the case of a change of holiday during the same season, the reward will remain valid.

Expenses eligible for a loyalty reward are only personal costs connected with the hiring of accommodation. No reward will be granted for any other expenses.

Additional rewards may also be granted as part of one-off promotional campaigns, offered in particular on the website at or through the distribution of newsletters.

7. Miscellaneous

Pursuant to Law no. 78.17 of 6 January 1978 called the French Data Protection and Freedom of Information Law, account holders have the right to access and rectify electronically recorded information concerning them at the Privilege Programme Customer Service Department. The account holder has the right to withdraw his/her enrolment in the programme. He/she must notify in writing the Privilege Programme Customer Service Department. Privilege points and/or loyalty rewards collected will be lost. Membership of account holders in the programme implies acceptance without reservation of these rules.

These rules, which have been translated into several languages, are valid as of 19 October 2017. They shall prevail over any previous version. In the event of a dispute regarding the interpretation of these rules, the French version shall prevail over any translation. In the case of a dispute between an account holder and Homair, the parties agree to make every effort to reach a private settlement. ONLY FRENCH LAW SHALL APPLY Any disagreement or dispute arising under these terms and conditions shall be submitted to the competent courts of Aix en Provence.

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