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1. Privilege Programme features

The purpose of the discount programme that we offer is to benefit members with the advantages described below when they book Homair Vacances mobile homes. The use and the benefit of the advantages are reserved strictly for the account holder. Account holders accept that the Discount Programme can be modified, in full or in part, at any time. The updated general terms & conditions are therefore available at all times on the website.

2. Validity of the Privilege Programme Account

The Discount Programme does not have a validity expiration date.
Any fraudulent use of the Discount Programme, or use in violation of these general terms & conditions may be sanctioned by means of the immediate cancellation of the account and of the advantages acquired by the holder, with no right on the part of the holder to claim compensation for any reason.

3. Loyalty programme

3.1 Gift code allocation

The loyalty reward amount is based on holidays that have been paid for in full and which have an end date between 01/01/2019 and 31/12/2023 and where the amount is greater than €15 excl. VAT. Holidays to which a partner code has been applied and holidays not completed at the time of calculation do not count when calculating the loyalty programme discount.  Loyalty discounts can only be used for bookings of rental accommodation located at campsites operated by the brands Tohapi, Homair, and Marvilla-Parks and only apply to stays starting before 31/12/2024. Loyalty discounts cannot be combined with any other reductions or discounts. The loyalty discount takes the form of a gift code which is emailed several times a year to customers who are eligible for this scheme.

The discount scale is as follows:

  • €30 for one holiday,
  • €50 for two holidays,
  • €70 for three to four holidays,
  • €100 for five or more holidays

3.2 Using the gift code

Gift codes can be used :

  • Just once before it expires
  • towards the rental of all types of accommodation offered by the company. This discount cannot be deducted from the cost of optional extras such as end-of-stay cleaning, bike hire, etc.
  • It can be used for all campsites offered by the Homair Vacances company at the time of booking (subject to availability),
  • and during the entire period when the campsite is open.

To take advantage of this offer, the holder must enter the gift code received in the field indicated on the website when booking.
If the booking is made by telephone, the holder can give the telephone advisor their code, which will then be recorded in the holder's file.

3.3 Gift code limitations

Holidays benefiting from advantages obtained through the use of a "partner code" are not eligible for a gift code on a subsequent stay.

The gift code cannot be reimbursed in full or in part in cash or paid out in any other way. 

It can only be used once.

In the event of the cancellation of a holiday that has benefited from a gift code, no carry-over of this discount will be granted. If the holiday is simply changed during the same season, the discount will still be applied.

The amount of €15 excluding VAT, used to calculate the number of stays qualifying for the loyalty discount, is based on all the expenses linked to booking the holiday (e.g. accommodation, options, tourist tax, etc.). Expenses incurred during the stay (e.g. catering, food, participation in activities, equipment hire, etc.) are not included in this calculation.



4.1 Description of the programme

•    The referral programme is open to all customers of Homair Vacances. Anyone can invite friends / acquaintances (‘invitees’) to make a booking with Homair.
•    There are various ways to invite someone: referral by email, referral via social networks, referral by name (only for Homair Vacances customers).
•    A person who already has an account or any member of such a person’s household (same surname, same address, same household) cannot be considered an invitee.
•    The gift code amounts are subject to change at any time.
•    The validity dates of the gift codes are subject to change at any time

4.2 General conditions for the use of gift codes

Gift codes are nominative and can only be used once.

Gift codes can be used:

•    for the rental of all types of accommodation offered by Homair Vacances, with the exclusion of pitches and options such as end-of-stay cleaning, bicycle hire etc. 
•    in all camping villages offered by Homair Vacances at the time of booking (subject to availability)
•    throughout the entire period during which the camping villages are open (provided that the promotion code is still valid)

In order to take advantage of the offer, the holder must enter the gift code received in the box intended for this purpose on the website when making a booking.

If making a booking by telephone, the holder should give his code to the advisor, who will record it on the customer’s file.

4.3 Gift code restrictions

Gift codes are not eligible for a partial or full cash refund, for a cash payment of any kind, or any advantage other than a reduction in the rental price of the accommodation (e.g. bike hire, payment for pool wristbands, beverages in the restaurant etc.).
In the event of the cancellation of a holiday to which a gift code had been applied, the discount cannot be deferred to a subsequent booking. In the event of a simple amendment to the holiday, during the course of the same season, the discount will still be applied.

4.4 Allocation of the gift code to the ‘referrer’

•    A gift code will be allocated to the ‘referrer’ when one of his ‘invitees’ makes his first purchase with Homair Vacances. From this point in time, this ‘invitee’ will be considered as a ‘referee’. The purchase made by the ‘referee’ must be for a holiday lasting for a minimum of one week.
•    The ‘referrer’ will receive his gift code 30 days after the confirmation of the purchase by his ‘invitee’.
•    The ‘referrer’ can have several ‘invitees’. In this case, an additional gift code will be sent to the ‘referrer’ for each ‘invitee’.
•    ‘Referrer’ gift codes cannot be cumulated.

4.5 Allocation of the gift code to the ‘referrer’

•    As soon as a person has been invited, he will receive a gift code to be redeemed on the Homair Vacances website.
•    This code will be activated as soon as this ‘invitee’ creates a customer account.
•    In addition to the conditions of use described in article 4.2 above, the gift code will be valid for the very first booking, provided the holiday booked is for a minimum of 7 nights.


Under the provisions of French Law No. 78.17 of 6 January 1978, known as the ‘Informatique et Libertés’ law (French Data Protection Act), Customers have a right to access personal information relating to them that has been entered electronically, as well as a right to correct this information, which they can exercise by contacting the Discount Programme Customer Service. The customer is entitled to cease participation in the Programme. In this case, he should notify the Discount Programme Customer Service in writing. This will result in the loss of any accumulated Discount Points. Any subscription to the Programme implies the unconditional acceptance of these regulations by the Customer. By participating in the Discount Programme, the Customer expressly accepts these regulations. By simple written request, he can refuse to take part in the Discount Programme. In order to familiarise himself with his rights, the Customer is encouraged to review the Homair Vacances Data Protection Policy, which can be accessed via this link: These regulations, which have been translated into several languages, are valid for the 2021 season and shall prevail over any previous provisions. In the event of dispute concerning the interpretation of these regulations, the French version shall prevail over any other translation. In the event of dispute between a Customer and Homair Vacances, the parties undertake to seek an amicable resolution as a matter of priority. ONLY FRENCH LAW IS APPLICABLE. Any dispute or litigation that may arise within the context of these regulations, and that cannot be amicably resolved between the parties, will be submitted to the relevant courts in Aix en Provence.


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