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Article updated on 28/05/2020 at 18:05


Dear customers and visitors,


On Thursday 28 May 2020, the French Prime Minister announced during a press conference that campsites in France's green zone - where most of our sites are located - could open from the start of June and from 22 June for those in the orange zone. This means we can confirm that our French sites will be open very soon. Almost all of our campsites will reopen during June and will, therefore, be able to welcome French holidaymakers very soon for the full summer season.

In terms of Europe, he also announced the opening of the internal European borders from 15 June which will mean we can welcome welcome our European customers to our campsites in France and open most of our international locations very soon. This means that all of our customers should be able to travel to our campsites in France and throughout Europe after this date.

You can now make a risk-free summer holiday booking by browsing all of our locations.

If we have to close a location again due to a local outbreak of the epidemic, a further lockdow or if you or one of your travelling companions falls ill will coronavirus or is in isolation on the date of your say, you would be able to modify your booking for free or receive a refund(1).

In terms of the hygiene measures in place at all our locations, we have developed clear and safe procedures with the help of infectious disease specialists in order to protect you and our employees. Our priority is the safety and well-being of our holidaymakers and we are following the advice from the authorities and health recommendations closely.

In terms of our services and facilities, their availability and access thereto will be guided by health recommendations, which may mean the introduction of flow management or special safety signage. These measures will be applied on a case by case basis in line with local regulations.

Finally, if you require further information on your upcoming stay, please consult our website page dedicated to your campsite first then our help centre available in several languages. As a last resort, you can contact our teams but we recommend you only do so if your stay is due to start in the next few days. In fact, our advisors are dealing with a lot of queries at the moment. They are working hard, they are doing well but our procssing times are extended due to the ery exceptional situation we currently find ourselves in. We guarantee that each request will be processed. We are prioritising the processing of requests based on the earliest booking dates.


(1) For any booking made from 28 May 2020 if COVID-19 affects the dates of your stay, you will be refunded for your stay without additional charges (if the camping village is located in a zone subject to a further lockdown, if you are in a zone subject to a further lockdown which prevents you from getting to the campsite, if you or someone on your lease agreement is diagnosed positive and is in isolation on the dates of your stay). For bookings made before 28 May 2020, and for the same reasons, any sums already paid will be refunded in the form of a voucher valid for 18 months at our locations and refundable on expiry if unused, in accordance with the governmental order of 25 March 2020.

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